ChatGPT Masterclass

Take your career to the next level with power of AI tools like Chat GPT

2 Hours

Live Session + Q&A

3PM- 5PM (IST)

2nd July 2023

Chat GPT masterclass to learn how to use chatgpt for growth, productivity and future proof career for professionals

Kalpna Thakur

Marketing Lead,
Merlin AI

What will you learn?

  1. Introduction to ChatGPT
  2. How does ChatGPT work? 
  3. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering
  4. Applications of ChatGPT in daily workflow
  5. Best ChatGPT tool demo 
  6. Free ChatGPT prompts 

Who is this workshop for?




Job seekers


Any Interested Individual

Meet your Mentor

Kalpna Thakur

Marketing Lead, Merlin by Foyer

Building Merlin, World’s 1st ChatGPT Chrome Extension

She has over 8 years of experience in Marketing & selling SAAS products, mentoring startups with business growth strategies.

Chat GPT masterclass to learn how to use chatgpt for growth, productivity and future proof career for professionals

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What our students say about us


I like the way it is organized. The best part is you get live sessions and help from the instructor. You need to be committed to doing the work because it’s not a passive course. It’s a course to implement and gain from. I would highly recommend this course.~ NEHA JOSHI

This course gave me a new perspective to use linkedin. i networked with so many good people on linkedin, used my network to get new job. I would definitely recommend this course. ~MAYANK MEHTA 

I have learned a lot and there is a lot more to learn. I can confidently say that this course has really helped me gain a better understanding of LinkedIn.~VEDIKA GUPTA

I didn’t know so much can be done on linkedin. This course helped me with that. Now, I am using LinkedIn as an effective tool in my job search. The information was presented very well and there was a lot of attention to detail. ~SANDEEP KUMAR

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